Hatchery Ideate is a program for UTS students and staff who are passionate about learning the foundational skills for entrepreneurship. To see our Hatchlings in action, register for your place at the Hatchery Ideate Showcase on May 25 here.

An interest in taking innovative business solutions to the next level drew Lougene to Hatchery Ideate. His time as a Hatchling has left him with a different way of thinking about entrepreneurship.

With a bunch of fellow Hatchlings, Lou has been working on ReportHero, a new way to help people negotiate the often difficult process of renting a home.

Describe yourself in three words.

Analytical, ambitious, and efficient.

Why did you join Hatchery Ideate?

I joined Hatchery Ideate because I’ve always had a passion for business and an entrepreneurial mind, and wanted to learn how to execute ideas and take things to the next level. I also thought it would be a good way to meet like-minded people.

What was your biggest surprise learning from the program?

I was surprised by how well the design thinking process that’s taught at Hatchery Ideate can spur creativity and get you thinking outside the box. It definitely changed my perspective of what entrepreneurship is, from exceptional people finding and executing the perfect idea from a random thought, to passionate people setting out to solve a problem, defining it and finding solutions through this process.

You don’t need to wait for those ideas. Find a problem that you’re passionate about, define it well and the solutions will follow.

What are the top things you’ve learnt so far?

  1. How to use lean startup and design thinking methodologies to grow and develop a business idea.
  2. Professional communication and pitching techniques and strategies.
  3. How to make our team members accountable for the work they contribute.


Tell us more about the project you and your team have been working on, ReportHero.

ReportHero’s core mission is: “How might we empower tenants by improving the rental condition report process?”. We’re looking for a new way to streamline the reporting dynamic between landlords and tenants.

Tenants in today’s real estate market are disadvantaged when dealing with real estate agents and landlords. We identified that tenants felt cheated out of their bond at the end of their tenancy by real estate agents; this is due to the existence of a difficult, time consuming and old fashioned process of reporting the physical state of rental property.

The current condition report used does not allow for much recourse for both agents and tenants, resulting in a lengthy and costly dispute resolution process.

ReportHero is spearheaded by Lou, along with Samantha Stack (Bachelor of Business, BCII), Sandrine Foskett (Bachelor of Business, BCII), Jordan Cruice (Bachelor of Business, BCII) and Ishan Rawal (Bachelor of Civil Engineering).

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