Applications for Hatchery Ideate Autumn 2018 close on Friday 15 December. Apply here!

If we had our way, every UTS student would graduate with a degree in one hand and an entrepreneurial toolkit in the other.

Unfortunately, we can only fit so many people through the door — and that’s why we created our online stream.

This was initially piloted this year as ‘Hatchery DIY’, as a way to give more UTS students, staff and alumni the chance to access the Hatchery educational materials. The program combines online learning modules with face to face drop in sessions to support participants to develop entrepreneurial projects.

In 2018, our award-winning Hatchery educational program will relaunch as Hatchery Ideate, with our hands-on program back and better than ever, and for those that prefer more flexibility, we’ll be offering our online offering to support your entrepreneurial journey, on your terms.

Both versions of the program will equip you with the mindset and skills necessary to create change within an organisation or to start your own business.

The program is open to individuals and groups; you can be a first time Hatchery participant or you can continue to develop your Hatchery project.

Here’s a taste of the projects from our most recent session.

HMW (how might we) help Sydney’s young crowd to explore the city’s venues affordably and socialise?

We all know how expensive it is to go out, and that we usually go to the same venues. With the help of Prost you can enjoy social drinks with friends affordably. Through a subscription-based model, it offers one free drink a day and encourages people to explore new bars.

Carmen Aichorn (Business)

HMW provide international students entrepreneurial and soft-skills for career success?

IncludED’ skills building bootcamps enable international students to acquire industry relevant skills by solving real business challenges with academia and industry collaboration.

Entrepreneurial and soft-skills are crucial for students career success. There is a gap between the skills acquired in traditional education models and the skills required to drive higher rates of innovation and productivity in the global economy. Having relevant and transferable entrepreneurial and soft-skills is crucial to the success of students, businesses and societies.

Luis Javier Erazo Gallo (Faculty of Engineering and IT)

HMW make changing banks as easy as changing shoes?

Managing changes to social circumstances is cumbersome and inefficient. I have found that people feel that they lack control when it comes to informing agencies [such as banks] of changes in their circumstances and managing their details. My prototype is centred around “one change, all services” starting with banking and financial details. I aspire to develop a system where changing details and/or service providers takes advantage of the technology available and is as easy as updating your social media accounts.

Ankit Jagannath (Faculty of Engineering and IT/Business)

Hatchery Ideate is a program for UTS students and staff who are passionate about learning the foundational skills for entrepreneurship. Applications for Autumn 2018 close on Friday 15 December. Apply here or contact to find out more.