Another session, another cohort! Our Hatchery+ Program Manager Joe Allen gives us the lowdown on the new Hatchery+ Cohort.

D-Ream was right — things can only get better.

This time around I’m not the new kid on the block, and we have made some adjustments to the Hatchery+ program to make it even better for our teams.

Like all good startups (and entrepreneurship programs), we want to keep iterating. We have made some tweaks to the structure and format to reflect the feedback we received from our last cohort and have taken on an Entrepreneur in Residence, Ben Wirtz.

Ben has founded three startups, one of which landed him in SeedCamp — Europe’s equivalent of Y-Combinator, which raised $700K. He has previously worked as a Senior Product Manager at Atlassian, and is currently Head of Product at CancerAid and a Product Management Instructor at General Assembly. Ben will be running founder training sessions as well as one-on-one consulting with our Hatchery+ teams.

We also have two other important additions to the program, an Xbox One and a ping pong table! It’s all about balance!

Our trend of attracting female founders and co-founders has continued — six out of eleven teams have a female founder. This cohort skews a (little) older, with a few more UTS alumni populating the space, which brings with it a great set of diverse skills and experiences.

The teams have a bit more industry experience under their belt in the spaces they are operating, with all solving problems they have struggled with firsthand. It’s also a mix of products/ e-commerce (e.g. Mutensil and Food4Face), SaaS (e.g. theSmart and Skodel) and marketplaces (e.g. Mashay and GenuSmile).

Here are the teams we have opened our door to this time around.

Hear Us Roar
Hear Us Roar is the online destination for curvy women curating the best plus fashion from around the globe.
Blaise McCann
“I’m looking to build out my strategy for the next few months, fill in my knowledge gaps and hit break even.”

We make web apps specifically to help engineers discuss design issues in a more effective and intuitive way.
Founders: Mark Evans and Mark Cameron
“We are excited to have a space where we can work as a team, find out how we can improve our pitch, business plan, and marketing strategy. We’re also keen to learn from experienced campaigners in the startup world in order to gain insights to eventually see our idea used on engineering projects around the world.”

Our business is to make musical instruments that turn the body itself into a musical instrument, blurring the lines between music and dance.
Founders: Alon Ilsar and Mark Havryliv
“Over the next three months we plan to develop our software and hardware to a level it can be tested by users and pitched to investors on November 30.”

Skodel is an assessment platform that makes it easy for schools to create and deliver their assessments online.
Ian Fagan, Julian Fagan and Huon Peard
“We are really looking forward to working in a space with people that truly understand the challenges of starting and growing your own business.”

Mashay is a free mobile app that helps you find, book and organise unique group experiences.
Founders: Rob Price, James Murray and Stephen Macchia
“We are looking forward to collaborating with fellow Hatchery+ founders to help each other grow and connectivity to a respected community of mentors.”

RapidConsent an electronic consent form translated into multiple languages and streamlined in an app for operating theatres for immediate access and paperless storage.
Founders: Maggie Boutros and Maz Streatfeild
“Our goal is to develop and enhance RapidConsent to a workable and usable MVP. As individuals and business owners we want to be able stretch ourselves outside of what is comfortable in order to take on all the new challenges we’ll face, but maintain our key principle of developing a communication product to help in the healthcare setting.”

Food4Face is the most environmentally-friendly face scrub on the planet. With plant-based food ingredients, zero waste packaging, and social enterprise at its core, we’re creating a brand as a force for change within the cosmetics industry.
Melanie Lewis
Hatchery+ offers quality mentorship and feedback from a bunch of movers and shakers. I’m especially looking forward to the accountability that goes with Hatchery+ because working by yourself makes it hard to push yourself, so I think having the collaborative atmosphere is really going to accelerate my startup journey!”

GenuSmile is an online marketplace where Australians go to make informed decisions about dental treatment and connect with the right dental professional.
Founders: Ariana Rosado and Renee Lampreia
“We’re hoping to launch our MVP and test our hypothesis in the next three months. We’re also looking forward to working closely with mentors and have the opportunity to work in a supportive environment with other start ups.”

A crypto-currency aggregation platform, that allows users to trade across multiple exchanges as if it were one. We also provide a range of tools and safe-guards to protect users, and help business fully utilise the benefits of crypto-currency.
Founders: Luke Jones and Mark Burch
“Hatchery+ gives us a chance to work in a space with other ‘do-ers’, and be in an environment where our ideas and business will be challenged, ultimately making it better in the end.”

Make My Piece
Make My Piece allows you to create custom handcrafted living, dining and bedroom furniture online.
Founders: Abhishek Bhandari and Diya Singhal

Feelings matter. We scientifically untap emotion to create data driven tools for innovators, businesses and you.
Rohan Lulham, Clementine Thurgood, Laurence Presland, Daniel Orth, Douglas Tomkin
“We are looking forward to having a home, a strategy and hopefully a launch.”

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