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She may be small in size, but there’s nothing small about Jody Wang and her ambitions. Jody has massive dreams in social entrepreneurship and empowering people. She’s a final year business student, which is why she loves social enterprises — it’s a mix of business and doing good. She loves being busy, karaoke (yes, karaoke in the car) and doing anything that takes her out of her comfort zone.

Tell us a bit about the project you worked on during Hatchery Ideate?

We were the team who had a different idea every other week, but I’m really happy with the idea we presented in the end, which was ‘how might we show young people they can create positive social impact?’. We came up with a platform that encourages young people to be exposed to social entrepreneurship through a personality/strengths test matching them to immersive, intensive opportunities that would be well suited to them.

What was one of the biggest learning experiences you gained from the Hatchery Ideate?

Hatchery Ideate solidified my interest in social entrepreneurship by opening my eyes to the vast amount of opportunities there are out there and that it’s not too good to be true. By going to a lot of the Hatchery events, I also realised that networking isn’t as scary as people make it seem!

What have you been up to since Hatchery Ideate?

Since the Hatchery, I returned to India as a team leader for the 40K Globe Program and facilitated a team of six students to scale a PLUS Pod, an after-school English learning centre utilising technology, to a small village in rural Bangalore. I also visited Bangladesh after being inspired by seeing Muhammad Yunus with the Hatchery team. Now I’m back in Sydney doing a marketing internship with 40K Globe, which I’m really enjoying!

What is one bit of disruptive advice you can give to the next group of Hatchlings?

Curiosity is key! Don’t underestimate the power of being curious and hungry for insight. Our team struggled to stick with one idea because we kept coming up with solutions without really understanding the problem. But not just limited to Hatchery Ideate — curiosity will drive you to keep learning and striving for more.

Hatchery Ideate is a program for UTS students and staff who are passionate about learning the foundational skills for entrepreneurship. Applications for Autumn 2018 close on Friday 15 December. Apply here or contact to find out more.