Tiana is a first year design student currently studying a Bachelor of Design in Integrated Product Design as well as the Diploma in Innovation. She thrives on creative thinking and problem solving and would like to pursue a career in UX design. On the completion of her degree, she aims to work deep in industry by applying her knowledge from her courses and the Hatchery, helping organisations reach creative solutions with design and innovation.

Tell us a bit about the project you’ve been working on in the Hatchery?

TIANA: The project I’ve been working on involves creating connections between small businesses and helping them grow their partner network. To do this we have decided to create an online platform, centralising a range of industries allowing them help each other in fulfilling their needs.

What was one of the biggest learning experiences you gained from the Hatchery?

TIANA: Working with people in different disciplines and people that are at different stages of their career and education. It was my favourite part of the Hatchery because I learnt so much from not only the people in my group but from the coaches and mentors. You should take advantage of the resources that the Hatchery gives to you, and use it to the fullest of your potential.

What’s next for you after the Hatchery?

TIANA: I’d love to be involved with Hatchery in the coming semesters, whether that is taking the project further or maybe being a part of one of the other projects that Hatchery is involved in. As for the project itself, I believe we have a great idea. Possibly developing it further with Hatchery DIY is something my group and I are considering.  

What is one bit of disruptive advice you can give to the incoming group of Hatchlings?

TIANA: If you have an idea or an area that you are passionate about, get up and just pitch it! You never know who else is sitting in the room, they might be just as interested.

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